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Broken & Leaking Pipe Repair

Broken & Leaking Pipe Repair

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Leaking pipes are a pain, especially when you can’t see where the leak is, but you can hear or start to see the water. Like all elements of a plumbing system, pipes will eventually wear out and fail. Our plumbers in Washington Park, Colorado have access to all kinds of equipment to find and repair leaking pipes, no matter what they might be hidden, even if that includes concrete. Leaking pipes can leak to low water pressure and flooding. If permitted to sit, the standing water from leaking pipes drip can cause mold problems or structural damage.

Pipes Around Washington Park, Colorado and Their Lifespans

When utilized for plumbing, brass and cast iron could very well last for a century while copper and galvanized steel pipes may last for 80 years. The lifespan depends on circumstances like Washington Park, Colorado’s water quality and usage, but all plumbing pipes will eventually degrade. If your Washington Park, Colorado property has plumbing that was set up in the first 20th century, your pipes are probably cast iron or galvanized. Our plumbers can repair leaking pipes, regardless of their material, or replace small sections

Prevent Damage With Pipe Leak Repair

Leaking pipes can be quite destructive. Sometimes you lose items from treasured family photo albums to home furniture. The standing water can create mold, also black mold if it is in contact with drywall. The water can also cause structural damage to the property, damaging the wood structure, or even the building blocks of your property. Our Washington Park, Colorado plumbers handle all types of pipe repair and can get your property back up to working order. We will repair leaking pipes and the standing water that comes with them.

Washington Park, Colorado Plumbers Find and Repair Leaking Pipes

Our pipe leak repair company in Washington Park, Colorado has all sorts of tricks for finding the source of a pipe leak. We have ground microphones and listening discs to find leakages even if they are behind concrete. An acoustic amplifier can offer more volume for a leak that otherwise is too quiet to hear. Video inspection can be another neat trick, and we can put video cameras into pipes to inspect them from the inside. Then we perform the pipe repairs.

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